Sarasota Preschool adheres to Sarasota Baptist Church's core values. These core values are honesty, integrity, teamwork, leadership, caring and respect for others.

Why us?

Sarasota Preschool is a christian environment for classes of 2, 3 and 4 year olds. Sarasota Preschool is dedicated to the mental, physical, social, and spiritual development of all children entrusted to our daily care. We recognize that each child is a unique gift from God, and we pledge to always show God's love by our kind words and example. Therefore, each teacher and staff member has been carefully chosen to reflect the ideas and goals of Sarasota Baptist Church. We welcome students of every race, color, or religious background. We teach Biblical Christianity and strive to provide and accurate portrayal of God's loving nature.

We dedicate each Wednesday morning for Chapel. This is high energy music and a bible truth presented by one of our staff. It is the highlight of our Wednesday morning.

Sarasota Preschool is a member of the International League of Christian Schools. In compliance with ILOCS our program administrators will conduct a quarterly self-inspection of the premises.